New Year, New Goals: The Saga Continues...

As with every approaching new year, my mind starts swirling around with ideas on new goals I will achieve in the next 12 months. And, as with every "new" year before, I forget those goals within the first 2 months and get back to my comfortable living.

Well, this year I decided to take a new approach. Rather than make up individual goals (that usually turn into something more like a "to-do" list than actual goals to achieve), I've decided to give myself a new mantra for the new year. I used the mantra, "healthy mom, healthy baby," while going through my pregnancy/labor and I found that it really kept my mind focused. I've decided to take the same approach to my New Year's goals. 

My typical New Year's goals usually consist of exercise, eating healthy, a long list of creative home projects, and planning fun activities to get out of the house with my family. I have noticed that after February, my lack of enthusiasm is what gets the best of me and I slack off on all these hopes & dreams. So my mantra for this new year is, "get active!" 

"Get active" applies to getting off my butt and working out, but it also means, "Stop pinning all those amazing house projects that would be perfect for your home and instead, DO them! Do them TODAY, not tomorrow or next week. TODAY!" I am so good at procrastinating. This year my goal is to get active immediately with the things I want to do.

So far my mantra has been effective:

Example 1: I've been talking about going to Baby/Mama Yoga since before Mr. M was born... four months ago. Last week I said, "Macy, get active on that now." and we went. We loved it! 

Example 2: I'm bad at eating breakfast...especially something healthy. I'd rather eat a box of donuts and a big glass of milk than eggs and toast. My husband is the healthy breakfast one in this house...protein shakes, eggs, yogurts and some kind of cereal that looks like bland, dry cardboard. I knew I could still eat a good breakfast without eating cardboard, but that would require me to change habits (and a few tastebuds). But, I told myself, "Get active." And BAM!

Healthy breakfast that tastes good:

Iced coffee, plain greek yogurt with some delicious gingerbread granola my sister made us, and a sweet, juicy grapefruit from our friend's orchard.

Example 3: I have along list of low-budget kitchen renovations that I want to do. I started taking of decorative mouldings off our kitchen cabinets several months ago and got about half way through before I found a different task to distract me. I realized it was silly that we've been living with our kitchen in such disarray when we have detailed plans of updates we want to accomplish. So this past weekend I "got active" on that list. I finished removing all the cabinet moldings and ripped up the yucky vinyl from under our kitchen sink.

Example 4: Speaking of distracting projects, Hubby decided to "get active" on my built-in window seat I've wanted since we moved in. He created a scale drawing and purchased the lumber to start building the base for the drawers. We ripped up carpet in front of the window and cut the baseboards to fit our base. Yay! We're on our way!

I hope you're doing well keeping up with your new goals for the new year!
Let me know if you have a mantra to keep you going.

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