A Project Here And a Project There: Home Renovation Projects

We've been busy, busy at the house lately. My job as a stay-at-home mom has proven to be difficult when adding on all the little house renovation projects we've let build up. 

My kitchen is still missing several cabinet doors for project: Remove, Sand & Repaint. I started by removed all the outdated trim from every cabinet door. Since then, I've tested a paint remover on one cabinet door and then neglected this project all together.

We started building my dream built-in: a window seat bench that has filing drawers below. Hubby got a good start on this project while the Little Mr. and I took a trip to see my sister and her family. We have the entire seat framed out, but we still need to build the drawers, paint everything and I need to make a seat cushion.

I also went crazy during a good naptime from the Little Mr. and decided to rip all the wallpaper down from the guest bathroom. I removed all the hardware and fixtures, but only got the first layer of wallpaper off before naptime ended. So, our guest bath is barely functioning.

And the #1 house project going on right now are floors! We ordered flooring from Lumber Liquidators several weeks ago and Hubby finally got some time to rip out all the teal carpet from the living/dining room. I spent time the other afternoon pulling up old carpet staples from the subfloor. We hope to get the floors installed this weekend so the Little Mr. has some space to play again.

So, please excuse my long absence and wish us luck on getting some of these projects complete so I can finally share some after photos with you! :)

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