Ideas for a Big House Outdate: Guest Bathroom Inspiration

I have several ideas for how I'd like our guest bath to look, but what's within our budget is an entirely different story. With so many updates needed throughout the house, I'm hopeful to make some easy bathroom updates within a small project budget.

We recently has someone come out to the house to give us a quote on installing a new acrylic bathtub & surround. I was willing to consider this route only because I thought it was a quick turn-around and would be cheaper than installing our own tub & surround. Instead, what we found was that the wait time for ordering our tub could be over a month and the price was much higher than I expected for acrylic walls.  I'm hopeful that I can price out a much cheaper bath reno and perhaps learn some essential DIY tips along the way.

I've been saving up some inspirational images for our tiny guest bath to get my mind going on what materials and overall look I want in this space.

Lowes inspiration via Pinterest

I'm adding small nooks like this as a "must" to our new design.

We have a low vanity (29" high) in this bathroom and as much as I'd like to replace the vanity all-together, it's not in our budget. So, I've been looking into getting a classic white vessel sink to bring the sink up higher.

Vanity via Censational Girl

I like how this bathroom vanity turned out. Plus, I like the white vessel sink.

Contemporary Bathroom via Houzz

I love the look of lower tub surrounds. To me, they make the tub seem spa-like.

Planked wall bathroom via DecorPad

Here's another example. I've been toying with the idea of adding horizontal wall planks around the bathroom. I love how the planking is tied in to the tub surround here.

Pantry doors via Apartment Therapy

We have a very odd door placement that really crowds the entire bathroom. So, when I spotted these slim double doors, I started tinkering with the idea of creating a similar door system. I'm not sure how I could address privacy concerns, but for now it's still an idea. 

I'm in the process of pulling together my ideas board and staying occupied with wallpaper removal. Ugh.

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