A New Life for Stumps: Plans for Outdoor Seating

A few months ago our neighbor had a backyard tree removed. They hauled out the chunks of tree trunk to the curb for trash pick-up later in the week. For several days I looked at those stumps and dreamed of how they would look sitting around our little campfire pit. So, I finally convinced Hubby to roll several of the heavy beasts into our backyard. 

I was so giddy. I started thinking up ideas on how to paint the tops to make them a little modern. 

And yet, they've sat. Just tree stumps sitting around out fire pit. The spring rain has made them look grungy and sad. So, now that we're back to a somewhat routine schedule again around here, I've decided these beasts need to get beautified before Hubby says they need to go. :)

My inspiration:

 (via Pennyweight)

A stump used as a coffee table :)

This is similar to what I have in mind.
I like the look of the white tops, but I may leave the rough bark on the outsides as well.

See that gray stump? I love it!

If I do decide to take off the exterior bark, I think I'll keep the wood most natural looking. 

I like the look Becca gave her stump.

(via Pinterest)

Look how nice these stumps look when paired up with a table for eating outdoors.

I can't wait to get started on my stumps!

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