Kitchen Renovation: Inspiration and Materials

We've been shopping around for several weeks now to figure out what materials we want to use in the kitchen remodel. I'm happy to share some of our final selections!

Countertop: Caesarstone Nougat

We originally thought we'd go with an Ikea kitchen, since I've heard good things about their cabinets from other bloggers and they're more in our price range. I struggled using the Ikea Kitchen Planner but it helped us determine how we wanted to shift our appliances and the flow throughout the kitchen. We began looking into shipment options for the cabinets (the closest Ikea is in Houston!) but the reality of shipment costs, crossing our fingers that we had measurements correct and then building all those cabinets from scratch was daunting. So we changed gears. That's when I came across the online reviews for Cliq Studios! We worked with a Cliq Studios designer to set up our new kitchen layout and so far I have only GREAT things to say about them. It's been painless so far. I'm looking forward to ordering the cabinets and setting them up. But first....we have a loan to secure, a contractor to choose and a kitchen to demo. Whew!

In the meantime, here are some kitchens I'm pulling inspiration from:


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