Given the Right Push: A Guestroom Inspiration Board

Hello there, long lost friend. 
Not only have I been very absent from this blog, I have also been feeling very absent from decorating our house. Since we bought our house two years ago, we've made plans to chug-along to update rooms and spaces bit-by-bit. Then baby M came along and (like most 1st babies do) he stole away our attention. So the house gets cleaned but it's stayed in the same state for almost a year now.

After we had a water leak in our kitchen, we realized it would be the best time to push through with an entire kitchen renovation. But renovations hang on contractor and bank lender time, so we're still in limbo to get the project started.

But then I was reminded that Grandma was coming for Easter. Yes, THIS Easter. 
Our guest room is not ready for guests. Somehow it become a storage/sewing room. Oh, and I also sold the bed that used to reside there. So... I was given just the push I needed to finally get the guest room up to par.

The room is very long and narrow with an odd step-up closet along the center of the wall. 

When we first moved in, we had new carpet installed (Barbie pink carpet just didn't seem welcoming). Though, there's still pink carpet hiding out in the bottom of the closet.

The guest room when we bought the house.

I want to keep the room easy to swap around (for any future house guest rooms) so I'm choosing furniture and linens that can be re-utilized again in other rooms if needed.

4 - Mount Vernon Carpet in Cement Gray

We loved the look of Room and Board's Parson Bed but I couldn't swallow the price. But when I saw there was a less expensive option, I knew I had to try.

I'm still undecided on wall color, but I know I need to pull the trigger on one soon because the bed frame will be here any day now!

My plan is to set up the room in this layout:

We have a little desk that I currently use for sewing that tucks nicely behind the door. With a full-sized bed I'll have just enough room to tuck two side tables in against each wall and barely enough room to open the bi-fold closet doors. The lamps are meant to be up-lights but upon further inspection I noticed they had hole in the back so I plan to get them up on the wall if possible (crossing my fingers). I'm undecided about replacing the ceiling fan with a pendant light. I may look at swapping it out with an updated ceiling fan like we did in the other two bedrooms. But I do love the woven wood on this pendant light.

It's been so long since I've put together an inspiration board for a room and I can't wait to get going on this project now! Do you ever wait until the last minute to get going on a project? Do you feel that extra shove to finish up lingering projects when you know you have guests coming to stay?

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