New Additions: Changing up the Mom Wardrobe

As you can probably guess from the post title, I have been stuck in a mom-wardrobe rut. I find myself reaching for my mom-length twill shorts and my bra-approved racer back tank tops day in and day out. I feel like I'm just stuck on repeat. 

I recently took a much needed solo trip to the Loft to spend my Mother's Day gift card, but came back slightly empty handed. Don't get me wrong, there were some CUTE items. However, I am in mom mode 24/7 - no office meetings - no air conditioned office from 9-5. I am chasing around a little boy outside, wrestling off dirty diapers and mopping up after snacks. I need clothes that say, "I have a personality" without compromising my daily mission.

You get me, right?

So I've been window shopping (because let's face it, mom's don't have time for dragging a toddler through a clothing store to shop for themselves) for the right items to update summer wardrobe.

1) Chiffon Shirt Dress
Perfect mom length - no tushies showing when bending over to retrieve a tantrum child.
2) Vistawood Printed Tank
3) Floral Brim Burlap Baseball Cap
I bought this cap right before it sold out. I love having for days we walk to the park.
4) Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Shorts
5) 1969 Stud Raw-Edge Maddie Denim Shorts
6) Stripe Tie Waist Linen Cotton Shorts
These shorts came home with me after my solo trip to the Loft. They're just dressy enough to look nice, but the elastic waistband = all day comfort.
7) White Lace-up Canvas Sneakers
8) Embroidered Sleeveless Top
I love having shirts that can hide my mommy-tummy and accentuate my mom muscle arms (I've been packing around a growing baby for almost 2 years now).
9) Tiered Eyelet Tank
Again, another flattering top for my mom features.
10) Sammy Popover Dress
11) Tan Dylan Sandal
I nabbed some of these sandals on a quick trip for batteries. They are surprisingly comfortable and come in handy for disguising my toenails on days I am in need of a pedicure :)

As you can see, I'm leaning towards several feminine pieces, which is rare for me. Perhaps after living with a house of boys, I'm starting to feel the urge to claim my right as a female in the house?

P.S. I've also discovered that somehow I've acquired too many black clothes - I don't think they'll come in handy during these hot, Southern summers.

Have you found any amazing staples to add to your mom wardrobe? Or have you uncovered that comfy shirt that still hides dirt?

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