Kitchen Renovation Update: Demolition

And just like that - our kitchen is now in full demolition mode.

 We received our kitchen cabinets a week before the kitchen demo started. We opened a few of the cabinet boxes and I'm so excited to get them installed!

During the first week, we had the cabinets and brick island removed.

We also had a "hump" in our subfloor that had to be leveled.

 Revealing the glorious green linoleum!

Opening up some of the doorways and walls reminds me of how old this house really is!

The walls are hiding all kinds of random wood. Perhaps they built this house with whatever random wood the had on hand?

So while I stare at a dismantled room, I cheer myself up with these amazing images.

We plan to add some floating shelves above the microwave and on either side of the windows above the sink.

I remind myself this project will take some time but the outcome will be worth it!

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