Entryway Organization: Inspiration to Get Started

I know that I owe you some kitchen photos, but I'm holding off on some final details that need to be added (like an island). I'm thinking I'll put together a punch list of items and share with you what we have thus far. Hey, at least you'll be getting something.

In the meantime, I'm rolling around some ideas for our front entry. The Hubby is frustrated by the pile up of bags by the front door and last year I finally corralled all our shoes into a basket, but we are lacking a spot to hang our coats (and coat season is upon us). We've toyed with the idea of getting a formal coat tree and stashing it in the corner of the living room, but I keep feeling like that would be too stuffy looking when you walked in the front door. Oh, our front door.... This door opens up to our living room and dining room. There's no divider wall whatsoever, so you see it all at once. Now I love a good challenge, but the concept of creating three functioning spaces that all flow together is making my head ache. This space is just a big mess, but at least I'm not dealing with teal carpet in here any more. Anyway. Back to my ideas for the entry. 

I'm hoping to reuse most of the furniture we already have in this space, but working with the awkward layout. I plan to keep our shoes stored in the basket (it seems to work for our family), but I want to include a small bench so we can sit down to put shoes on/off. I also want to add some wall hooks for bags and coats. I like the look of these entryways:

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