Kitchen Renovation: The Completed Reveal

You've been waiting months for this and now I am finally able to deliver! The kitchen has been "completed" for about a month now and we're still on the search for a kitchen island to float between the fridge wall and the oven wall. But I had to get over the fact that to me, the kitchen doesn't seem "done".

This is what we had before:

 We had these two great windows and a long wall of....cabinets. This side of the kitchen was an add-on so all the appliance connections were set-up previously on the other side of the kitchen.
 These cabinets were great storage but served no other purpose. We kept the same cabinet footprint but chose to move the sink to this wall so I could enjoy the backyard views while doing dishes.

 I'm so happy we made this swap. It's my favorite change to the kitchen layout! I've also jumped on the "open shelving" bandwagon. We'd taken down some cabinet doors when we first moved in (to air out the musty-smelling cabinets) and never put them back up. I realized I'd already been living with open shelving for more than a year and I loved the convenience of putting away everyday dishes so quickly.

You may have also noticed from the before photo that we used to have a cooktop in the center of the kitchen - see the brick island to the right of the photo?

We tried so many different configurations so we could keep that cooktop, but in the end we realized that the island made very narrow walkways through the kitchen (we had to lift several pieces of furniture up over the cooktop to get them through the kitchen when we first moved in).

We tore down the brick and chose to get an all-in-one range. Greatest-decision! Greatest-oven!

 I love having a full-sized oven again and we were adamant about having 5 gas burners to replace our old cooktop. This range was a headache to finally get (damaged shipment of the 1st one, out of stock, month long wait for a new one, installation issues) but well worth it!

We moved the fridge to the opposite wall, which used to be where the sink was located.
Again, I chose for some open shelving for easy access to glasses and breakfast bowls. I also had a tall pantry installed so I could finally have all our dry goods in one location.

The flooring was originally vinyl (over vinyl, over what looked like more vinyl). This whole renovation stemmed from a dishwasher leak that caused the old vinyl floor to buckle and the subfloor to get spongy-soft.

We opted to keep our costs low and tried out the new groutable vinyl tiles. We're very impressed. Everyone assumes they're porcelain tiles - they're that amazing!

It really is a HUGE improvement from the old kitchen layout.  Of course we had several complaints with our contractor and we were WAY off schedule, but I'm so happy to have the kitchen "finished". Let me know if you have any questions. I'll follow-up later this week with a compiled source list.

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